Understanding The Probate Process In Houston, Texas

What do you know about probate? Do you even know such a word exists? If you’re clueless about what We Buy Fast Houston Houses is talking about, don’t worry. By the end of this article, you’ll know all there is to know about probate, and how you can sell my home fast in Houston, Texas.

What’s probate?

Inheriting and SellingA probate is simple a legal process. It’s a way beneficiaries can get a house or any kind of property promised to them, and pay off debts associated with the estate. The promise will be written in a will. And if no will was left behind by the deceased, the process will assign legal ownership to the next of kin through the “state intestacy law.”

Even though several states have adopted the “Uniform Probate Code,” very state in America has different probate law. And to be the legal owner of my inherited house in Houston, Texas, can only be possible if you go through this process.

Selling my inherited Houston, TX, house in probate is very much possible, but if the probate court in your state doesn’t allow it, you’ll have to wait until the process is completed. Also, you can talk to your real estate agent beforehand, to get a rough estimate of what the property is worth. Just knowing the value of my inherited home in Houston, Texas, will give you a head start before listing.

How long does probate take?

The length of the probate process will depend of a number of factors. Some of these factors are obvious while other are not. For example, the presence or absence or a Will, will play a role. If you happen to have a will, it will all be shorter and easier. However, if there’s no will, and you find yourself in a situation that has so many heirs involved, you’re in for a treat. Just cross your fingers and prays the gods are on your side.

The laws of the state that you’re in will also influence the process. If the estate is a small one, it might take as little as 6 months. But we’ve heard of states that drag the process to two years.

Is there any way to avoid the probate process?

We Buy Fast Houston Houses has learned that there are states where this is possible, but only if the deceased kept all assets into the revocable living trust. And the trust has to be established while the individual was still alive.

We Buy Fast Houston Houses has a legal team that can help you better understand the probate process in Texas. So if you’ve just found out that you’ve inherited my house and you have no idea what the next step should be, we would love to help you out.

What about selling my inherited house fast?

We Buy Fast Houston Houses has a large network of investors that are always ready to make you an offer. And do you know what the best part is? You won’t have to worry about the upgrades or repairs because our investors buy homes as-is.

So call us, and let’s help you sell my inherited home fast.

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