Selling My Houston, TX House As A New Year’s Resolution

Selling Houston Texas HouseIf selling my house fast in Houston, Texas, is one of your resolutions this year, you need to start exploring your options now. Selling a property is not something that you do without planning or taking into account different factors. One wrong move is enough to cost you thousands of dollars.

Before you even think about when or how you’re going to list, you need to explore alternatives that will save you time and money. Don’t go the traditional route just because your neighbor did so last year and succeeded. Take your time to learn more about the market. What are the trends telling you? What are buyers looking for? Are other sellers having a hard time selling at this time of the year?

Once you get answers to these questions, you move on to the method of selling. Will you be selling my house fast in Houston, Texas, with a real estate agent? Are you going to give FSBO a shot? Or will you sell directly to We Buy Fast Houston Houses?

If you choose to work solo, you should consider the rent-to-own option. What’s the rent to own option? Well, the simplest way to put it is, it’s an option that allows you to sell my home fast without having to wait for the buyer to get their mortgage approved.

Find more potential homebuyers in Houston, Texas

Anyone who’s eager to own my home will jump at the chance to buy fast using the rent to own option. Especially if they know their credit score cannot help them qualify for a traditional loan or settle the down payment. By selling my Houston, TX home in this manner, you’ll be helping prospective homebuyers make a purchase they thought was a pipedream. On top of that, you’ll be getting your asking price without negotiating.

A faster process

No home seller in Houston, Texas, can sell a house in less than three months unless they are working with We Buy Fast Houston Houses. It takes time for any property on the MLS to find a buyer. And during that time, the holding costs won’t be so kind on your pockets. The rent to own option will help you avoid paying taxes, maintenance, utility bills, and insurance premiums. All these will be the buyer’s responsibility.

Save on listing costs

Yes, you cannot list my home in Houston, Texas, if it’s in a bad condition. Making it look good is part of the process. However, since you’ll be working with a desperate buyer, fixing broken appliances or cleaning it for showings won’t be necessary. The buyer already knows that they’ve lucked out.

Generate routine income

When you sell my home through a rent to own program, you’ll not only be collecting rent each month, but you’ll also get a down payment and be able to serve penalties upon default. and by the way, seeing as the buyer will own the property after an agreed upon period, the rent will be higher than average.

So what do you think? Is renting to own the way to go? If you’re into it, call We Buy Fast Houston Houses and learn more.

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