Selling My Home Privately After Signing A Listing Contract In Houston, TX

Selling my home in TexasAre you starting to regret listing my home in Houston, Texas, with a real estate agent? Do you want to back out of the deal? Well, even though that’s a dicey situation, it might be possible. Lynk Home Buyers will be telling you some of the things that you need to know, to navigate the situation.

For the longest time now, people thought that the only way a homeowner can sell my home at the highest prices was with the help of a real estate agent. But a lot things have changed. Today, you can sell quickly to a cash buyer like Lynk Home Buyers or choose to go solo. So if you’re thinking of selling privately even though you already signed a listing agreement, you must be unhappy with the services your realtor is providing.

Unfortunately, getting out of that contract won’t be easy. You’ll first have to find out what type of contract you signed, so as to know how to proceed with selling my home privately in Houston, Texas.

Different kinds of listing agreements in Houston, Texas

Open listings

This type is common among homeowners who believe they can sell my house fast without the help of a professional. However, they’ll opt to hedge their bets by hiring realtors to show the house to prospective buyers that they are in contact with. you’ll be at a better spot if this is the type of agreement that you signed with the agent because they know that they are not guaranteed any return.

Exclusive right

Just from the name alone, you can tell this is no good news. It gives the real estate agent the exclusive right to sell my home fast in Houston, Texas, within a stipulated time. So you cannot change agents or drop them before that period elapses. If you want to work alone or with Lynk Home Buyers you’ll have to wait. Otherwise, you’ll be sued or worse, pay the agent for work not done.

Exclusive agency listing

As a homeowner, you’ll be allowed to seek out potential buyers on your own but there will be a single broker representing you. This broke will only receive the commission if they bring the buyer to the table and close the deal.

Selling my house fast, privately

You can see from the different listing agreements that your ability to strike a deal privately, without including your real estate agent, will depend on the terms of the contract. If you’re signed under an exclusive agency listing or an open listing, you’ll have leverage. But if you signed the exclusive right contract, things will quickly get dicey. You’ll either have to find a way to be okay with it or fire the agent and be ready to deal with the legal repercussions.


You really don’t need a real estate agent when selling my home fast nowadays. If you do not have the knowledge required to navigate the housing market, work with a real estate investor like Lynk Home Buyers instead.

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