Sell My Houston Home To Cash Buyer

If you really want to achieve your real estate goals in Houston you have to work with the right cash investors or professional house buyers. I learned to sell my Houston home directly to cash buyer was the only way to go in Houston. All the other selling alternatives just wasted a lot of my time and money. A direct sale can benefit you in more than one way.

If you walk up to a real estate agent and they tell you that the surest way to sell a Houston home in Texas is by working with them, you need to walk away. It completely beats logic for anyone to list a property and hope the right buyer will show up when we have real estate companies like ours, who are ready to sell you sell fast right away.

Reasons Why I Should Sell My Houston Home To Cash Buyer

  • Save cash on repairs

They gave me an opportunity to sell my Houston home as-is. What this means is, I didn’t have to fix the property in any way, I didn’t have to make upgrades, updates or do anything. I just had to sign the papers. But with the listing process, a lot of your time and money will go into preparing the house for the market.

  • No agent’s fees or commission

If you have a professional representing you, you’ll have to pay them after closing the deal. The cost of their services is normally six percent of the final sale price which is a lot of money if you do the math. What you get to part with can be used to fiancé other projects. We are direct buyers. So that means you won’t be working with a middleman while selling.

  • An end to the financial obligations

We will help you close the deal within days. In other words, you won’t have to see the property go stale on the market and still keep paying the taxes, utility bills, insurance, and maintenance costs. Sellers who list their homes quickly realize that the longer they hold onto them, the more money they get to spend.

  • A guaranteed sale

You’ll be working with a buyer. Not an agent or broker. Therefore, you’re guaranteed a sale seeing as you’ll be negotiating with a real estate company that buys houses daily. The listing process is essentially a gamble. You don’t really know whether you’ll sell or not. There are no guarantees. And even if you find a buyer, chances are the deal might fall through because most of them depend on mortgages.

  • You get to pick the closing date

We will work with your schedule. You’ll close the deal when you’re ready to close. You don’t have to accept the cash offer given to you if you don’t like the terms of the sale.

Are you worried the sale might fall through? If this is your concern, sell your Houston home to us. Call us today!

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