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You took months debating whether you should sell your Houston home and now you’re confident about what you need to do. But what happens when you realize there’s something that can still sabotage the entire sale and even make you not be able to sell at all? It’s like the boogieman that no one wants to take about although the thought of its existence scares everyone. Our boogieman in this situation is hiding behind the walls and buyers are frightened. You reach out to a professional home inspector, and when he directs his flashlight to a corner in one of the rooms, he or she confirms your worst fears. Once a buyer sees the report, do you seriously think selling the house will be a seamless process anymore? Do you think you’ll find a seller who’s ready to expose their family to this boogieman? It’s safe to assume it will be next to impossible to settle for the right buyer with this thing still inside. We’re talking about molds in case you were wondering.

Where do molds originate from?

Being a fungus, it mostly develops in moist areas. To thrive, it will require the right temperature, moisture, and organic food matter. You’ll realize that the dicey part about all these is the fact that these conditions are practically everywhere. For example, an organic food matter is anything. It can be actual food or wall paint. A human-friendly temperature is a right temperature to help them grow. And if we’re to talk about moisture, mold can get it from leaky pipes or a flood.

Three types of moisture

You can only understand the effect mold can have on your health and quality of life in general if you know about the different types.

  • Allergenic: These are your typical molds. The kind that you get to see in our homes. They usually cause the least harm.
  • Pathogenic: They aren’t as friendly as allergenic molds. The reactions you may experience from them get divided into three categories. They can be superficial, subcutaneous, and systemic. Superficial molds are your typical kind. Examples include the skin or nail infections. The subcutaneous pathogenic molds develop underneath your skin. And finally, the system molds attack internal organs like kidney, lungs, etc.
  • Toxigenic: these molds keep o producing toxins that irritate you in different ways. For example, if you inhale it, you’ll experience mucous membrane irritation.

You have to take caution when dealing with molds. You can inhibit their growth by paying close attention to various sections of the house. Try to make sure you clean the basement, attics, and bathrooms. You may also hire a plumber who’ll help you fix all the leaky pipes and help you check for molds in those areas.

Do you know you can sell the home with the mold in it?

We are a real estate investment firm that will happily purchase your property in its as-is condition. We buy properties in whatever state so call us now for a fair all-cash offer.

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