Sell My Home Without Repairs

For an average Houston homeowner in Texas, selling a home can be really daunting. Working with a small budget can make the situation worse for you especially if your house is in dire need of repairs. That’s why most sellers often find themselves asking, “How can I sell my home without repairs in Houston, Texas?”

Most people who’ve sold in the past will tell you find a reputable real estate agent, bargaining a fair market listing price, and having the buyers’ home inspectors inspect the property for possible defects, usually causes anxiety. Without a doubt, selling a home fast in Houston that needs extensive repairs is overwhelming.

Ask yourself this… if a typical seller who’s selling a pristine home in Houston, Texas, has to hassle hard to sell, how hard are you going to have to work before closing a deal? The best option for you is to look for a buyer who wants to make you an offer without worrying about the repairs that the property needs. Do you know who’s interested in such a home? We have an idea, so continue reading.

Before you try out your luck in the market, make sure you’ve weighed all your options. Find a solution that best suites you and is more economical. An intelligent seller will compare the improvement costs to the property’s market value after the updates. If the costs outweigh the benefits or do not provide reasonable ROI, look for a buyer who’ll buy the home as-is.

Pitfalls of making repairs

We do have repairs that are minor in the sense that they don’t actually demand a lot in terms of money and time spent working on them. And then we have those that will give you migraines if you really need to close a deal. For example, the buyer might ask you to work on the electrical or plumbing issues in the house before they close the deal.

Some retail buyers are simply petty. They’ll take advantage of the inspection process to look for small problems and then use those issues to siphon the potential profits from your asking price. If you’re selling because you need money to pay off other debts, you might not have the money to do whatever they want and that will be the reason why the deal falls through.

Let’s talk about the appraisal process for a minute. In addition to the home inspection process, it rarely favors the seller. The professionals involved in the process will list all kinds of infractions, including questionable minor repairs.

Selling my home as-is in Houston, Texas

You need to be upfront when selling a house as-is in Houston, Texas. Be honest about the property’s condition before signing the contract. A cash investor will always make you an offer without any hesitation, so do not try to hide anything or act shady.

We are a serious buyer looking to make a purchase. You’ll get cash for your home, and sell it without making upgrades or updates. Call us today!

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