Sell My Damaged Houston House In Texas

Are you tired of feeling obligated to a house that doesn’t help you in any way? Do you feel stuck? If you’ve found yourself in saying “I need to sell my damages Houston house“, you need to talk to us. We will buy that home as is even if nobody else in the market is ready to make you an offer. Or were you hoping you’ll find a way to work on the repairs and make the property livable again?

Spending money on a Houston property with code violations is simply not worth it. Owning it can be pretty expensive especially if you have to also deal with the vacancy costs, homeowners insurance premium, taxes, repairs, and other routine maintenance.

Reach out to the right buyer

Selling my house is an option that you should actually explore as it will free you and reduce the stress. Plus, let’s be honest for a second. Repairing a Houston property with code violations is not a challenge that any reasonable seller should take. Find a buyer who’s not scared of taking up the challenge and ask for a great offer. We are that buyer. we already see the potential that you see in the property so you don’t have to do much convincing. Just call us and we will be helping you sell fast without bleeding your pockets dry.

Do not be afraid to set expectations

It’s would be ridiculous to even think that a Houston property with code violations will fetch the same price as a typical family home that’s in a perfect condition but you shouldn’t sell yourself short. We know that there’s work to be done and bills will have to be paid but that doesn’t give us the right to take advantage of your situation. We will treat you as we would any other client in Houston, Texas. And when we finally close the deal, we will fix up the house at a more economical price and but it back on the real estate market. While working with us you won’t have to think about any agents’ fee or commission. So you’ll be keeping every cent that you earn after closing that deal.

Everything has to be on the open

If you try to hide something, you’ll get into hot water later on. You need to let the buyer know everything that’s wrong with the property even if they can’t see it. Failure to do so might cost you a lot of money down the road, or earn you a lawsuit. Plus, it’s not ethical.

Try to make it appeal to interested buyers

You might not be ready to deal with the major repairs but it doesn’t hurt to try and fix the small things in the house. Accentuate the positives and hire a stager to help you stage properly. You should also work on the curb appeal. Trim the bushes and mow the lawn.

If you have no time or money to work on all these things, just call us and ask for an offer.

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