How To Sell My Home Using FSBO In Houston, TX

Ever heard of FSBO? We’re sure you have. And that’s why We Buy Fast Houston Houses is going to tell you what to expect if going at it alone is what you’ve decided.

selling homeSelling my house in Houston, Texas is no small job. There are decisions to be made. Professionals to work with. Some people prefer selling my home on their own because it reduces the costs and stress of working with a real estate agent. But there’s a reason why this selling method is not common in Houston, Texas.

What’s an FSBO?

We’re going to keep it short and simple. FSBO stands for For Sale By Owner and it’s used to refer to those listing that are sold by owners, without realtors in Houston, Texas.

Why would anyone pick the FSBO method?

As we said before, most people feel like this is the only way to reduce the stress of working with a real estate agent, and the costs of selling my house fast in Houston, Texas. An FSBO listing will allow the property owner to sell without paying commission and that’s a lot of money saved. Also, it’s fun to be one the driver’s seat while selling my home fast.

How to handle a FSBO in Houston, Texas: Pricing

If you’re going to selling my home fast on your own you’ll need to understand how the pricing mechanisms work around here. According to real estate experts, FSBO listings tend to stay on the market longer because owners usually have no clue of what’s going on in the market. They tend to price their homes way above their actual value and that ends up costing them. We Buy Fast Houston Houses can help you determine the property’s worth if you don’t want to work with a real estate agent. Also, you could price it right by researching. Below are some of the things that you should be focusing on during your research:

  • Current prices of similar homes: before listing, you’ll have to search for homes that have similar features to yours. Look at their price ranges and try to figure out what makes them competitive.
  • Compare the changes in prices: market trends change all of the time. The prices might be high now but low during the previous season. Find out what caused this shift and how you can insulate yourself should the changes find my house still on the market.
  • Determine the local housing supply: you’ll realize that there’s a six month housing supply in a balanced market. ‘Balanced’ in this case means you won’t need to fight over every listing.
  • Factor in the house improvements: there’s a high likelihood you won’t recoup all that you invested in renovations but that doesn’t mean the improvements won’t have an impact on pricing.

The pricing is not the only factor you need to consider with an FSBO listing but it’s the main one. If you need to learn about all the other factors, you should talk to We Buy Fast Houston Houses. Heck, you might even change your mind after you hear what offer we have for you.

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