Cost To Sell A Home With A Realtor In Houston

Are you the type of Houston home sellers who’s keen on saving or are you the type that doesn’t really care? We usually asks clients this question because we know the cost to sell a home with a realtor.

Today’s post is dedicated to all those Houston home sellers who still prefer to work with a real estate agent instead of exploring other options. We will be telling you about some of the costs that you’ll have to settle with a traditional listing, and why it doesn’t make sense to pay them. Hopefully, the information that we provide you with today will help you make better decisions in future.

Expected costs

First off, have you ever sold any property in Houston before? If you haven’t, you should right away call us and ask for help because you’ll need it. Of course, you can take your chances with a real estate agent but if it’s true you’ve never sold before, you won’t know what you have to do while hiring a realtor. You might decide to roll the dice and end up being conned in the process.

But we’re going to deal with all that in the next blog. Let’s now talk about costs such as the commission, agent’s fees, photography fees, marketing costs, etc. these are the costs that home sellers budget for when selling my home in Houston, because they know avoiding the is impossible if one is selling the conventional way.

The closing costs and the commission have to be the most feared costs on this list. Typically, if you manage to sell through a real estate agent in Houston, you’re expected to pay approximately 6 percent of the final sale price for the services rendered. 6 percent is not small amount. Let’s say you found a buyer who bought my home for 550,000 dollars. 6 percent of 550,000 dollars is 33,000 dollars. and on average, the closing costs usually eats up to 3 percent.

When does it make sense to spend more when selling my home in Houston, Texas?

You can spend all you want if my House is in near perfect condition and every buyer in the market wants to buy it. Selling a relatively new home in Houston is easy and therefore, enlisting the services of a real estate agent makes more sense. However, if the competition is stiff and buyers know that they have a lot of options to try out, you should not spend anything extra.

Alternatives to listing my home in Houston, Texas

The best alternative is and has always been to sell directly to a cash buyer in Houston, Texas. A direct sale will help you avoid a lot of these costs as you’ll be allowed to sell my home as is, and have all your closing costs paid in full. Seeing as it’s fast, you won’t have to worry about the holding costs as well.

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