The Cost Of Selling And Buying Homes In Houston, Texas

Closing costs are the miscellaneous expenses paid by buyers and sellers at the table when they’re either finishing or ‘closing on’ a house sale. In Houston, Texas, sellers often pay about 4% in closing costs, in addition to that 6% commission that you’re required to pay the real estate agent. Selling my house in Houston, … Continued

Owning A Million-Dollar Home In Houston, Texas

Owning a million dollar home always seems far out of reach for a typical person but in truth, it really isn’t. With an incredible budget and awesome planning, you can achieve anything in this world. First off, you have to look at the place where you’ll be living. Ask yourself is the neighborhood friendly enough … Continued

My Home Inspection Cost In Houston, Texas

A good real estate investor in Houston, Texas knows how crucial the home inspection process is when buying my house fast. Unfortunately, this world of home inspection always looks a tad bit overwhelming at first glance. Often times property buyers and several investors find themselves wondering if they taking on too many services or overpaying … Continued

Benefits Of A Small House

Living in a small house has become more common in the last few years. There are many benefits of owning a small house, but first, you will need to have all the facts right that you do need it. Benefits of a small house There are many benefits of having to stay in a small … Continued

Houston Home Sellers | Home Inspection Guide

Once I decided to sell my Houston home in Texas, there were a couple of things I had to learn. One of them was the home inspection process for Houston home sellers. You see you have to make sure the property you’re about to put on the Houston market is in perfect condition. If you … Continued

We Buy Houston Mobile Homes

We are a real estate company based in Texas and we buy Houston mobile homes. Because we’re buying the mobile home from you, we will not charge you even a dime for selling to us. We’re not real estate agents who help client find buyers. Given we’ve been in the housing market for years now, … Continued

We Buy Flood Houses in Houston

We will help you sell a flooded house fast. You’ll realize that not much can be done about your situation now that the property is flooded. Sometimes, the only way to move forward is to sell. You have to know that working on a flooded home demands a lot of time, effort and money. The … Continued

We Buy Flooded Homes In Texas

For years now we have been operational in the real estate market in Texas. We’ve gained a lot of experiences and in the process learn from them. Today, we deliver the best services in town, and the large number of loyal clients we have is a testament to all this. But we’ve also realized most people … Continued

Zero-Down Loan When Purchasing A Home

The thought of purchasing a home with no money down is alluring without a doubt. However, if you’re looking to buy you shouldn’t make a decision right away just because you think the lender’s advertisement translates into something that’s best for your specific financial situation. Today’s piece will look into zero-down loans and what they … Continued

5 Renovations to Avoid When Flipping a House in Houston

Many people jump into flipping a house with great intentions, only to find themselves buried in renovation work. Often times, one project will lead to another costing you time and money. If you are flipping a house for the first time, you should be aware of these 5 renovations to avoid. Flipping a House in … Continued