What To Know Before Selling My Home In Texas

Lately, a lot of Houston homeowners have resorted to selling my home fast without a real estate agent because they think that’s the only way that they can save more money in the process. What they do not know is, an FSBO listing is just as costly as selling the conventional way. Trying to market the before you find a buyer with the right offer is not cheap or even easy. Today we will be telling you more about an FSBO listing cost in Texas.

The property’s Preparation

If you’re a serious Houston home seller in Texas, you’ll want to find a way to present the property in the best light. Most potential buyers aren’t interested in homes that looked abandoned. So stop whatever you’re doing and ready to get dirty.

Cleaning all the usable and unusable spaces

No stone should be left unturned during the cleaning process. We are talking about all the bathroom mirrors, floors, walls, kitchen cabinets, and everything in between. If you have a patio, you’ll have to hire a professional to help you power wash that area. And don’t forget about the carpets.

Staging the house

Sure, the house has all the features that most buyers love. But do you know what else you can do to appeal to a larger audience? Just go ahead and talk to a professional, who understands how best to accentuate the positives while hiding the flaws. Also, don’t focus on one area of the home.

The storage

You need to remove all you household items and store them elsewhere if they don’t contribute anything to the sale. leaving them around will definitely cost you a lot seeing as the spaces will look cluttered. Just rent a storage unit until you manage to sell fast to a Houston buyer.

The upgrades and repairs

You can easily leave a bad impression if you’re not serious about the process. Therefore, make sure the buyer’s home inspector finds everything in tiptop shape whenever he or she shows up. Also, be ready to spend more on repairs if the buyer wishes to impress their lender.


All sorts of things go into this phase of selling. First off, take a minute to go through all the marketing avenues available. Then pick one that you think is cost effective. You don’t want to splash too much cash and completely negate your savings.


It doesn’t hurt to go the extra mile. Let your neighbors and those driving by know that home is on the market by adding a signage out front. pick something eye-catching and less obnoxious.


Quality pictures will play a critical role in marketing. Over the years, we’ve learned that most buyers pay more attention to high quality photos of houses sold in Houston, Texas. So hire a professional if you have to. Don’t compromise.

Work with our company

You can always work with a cash buyer if you want to sell fast in Houston, Texas. Do you want to know how? Well, pick that phone and call us today.

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