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Today I want to give you reasons why I would only sell my house to Lynk Capital, Inc. and not any other real estate companies in Texas. Like everybody else, you’ve probably seen various TV commercials talk about property investment companies that always try to reach out to League City TX sellers looking to sell fast, and at a fair offer. We buy homes in League City fast  and its surrounding areas.

It’s easy for anyone to mistake us for real estate agents seeing as we both ply a relatively similar trade, and operate in the same space. But the kind of services these professionals offer and what we offer are totally different. For instance, a realtor in League City TX will charge you a six percent commission on the sale once you close the deal. We, on the other hand, won’t ask for anything. We for some reason find it ridiculous that a company would buy a League City TX home and at the same time charge the seller for selling!

You should also know that we have representatives that are knowledgeable about what goes on in the housing market here in Texas. We’re efficiently trained to offer specialized options for anyone looking to sell fast. This means that regardless of the situation you find yourself in we will always come up with a solution that makes you smile. We’re confident about our level of service delivery simply because we’ve been operational in this market for eons.

Reasons why you should sell your League City home to us:

  • Selling my home to a cash investor gives me an opportunity to avoid foreclosure
  • Maintaining a vacant property can be pretty expensive so selling it to save money that goes to utility expenses every month doesn’t seem like a bad idea
  • If I’m about to go through a divorce, I’d want to be financially secure at the end of it all
  • My house might need major repairs which can be costly
  • Finally, I would choose to sell to Lynk Capital, Inc. instead of working with a real estate agent to avoid the hassle and fees associated with the process

Looking to sell your League City house fast?

You’re almost guaranteed to succeed selling without a hiccup if you choose to work with us. You won’t have to deal with the runarounds that other sellers experience while working with realtors. And quite frankly, if we have to be pragmatic in this case, selling through a real estate agent in League City TX has not always worked out well for most people. Even just finding a realtor that you can trust is not easy.

We help buyers close deals fast. No one will tie up your home for months and pull out at the very last minute. What you’ll experience while working with us is completely different from what sellers have had to go through. When it comes down to cash investors in League City TX, we’re the market. We’ll pay the closing costs, seal deals within seven days or less, and not to forget the fact that our all-cash offers are fair.

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