Sell My House During Summer

Listed below are four reasons that show you why not to sell my house during summer because it might cost me, especially in Houston, Texas.

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Four reasons to not sell my house in summer

  • The heat

What else do you expect during summer? Of course, it’s the heat that defines this time of the year, so people in most cases prefer staying indoors, and away from the hot weather outside. How will you, therefore, get buyers when no one wants to leave the house? In addition to all this, you might experience a stormy weather as well. If you are fortunate enough to find few buyers, they will come with their fair share of excuses ranging from how cold, or not cold, the air condition is even though it’s evident their lack of responsibility to keep the door shut is the reason behind the absence of cold air.

  • Presence of dust

Despite your residential area’s location, this hot weather is the usually causal factor behind the dust tracked into your home. If you previously thought you wouldn’t be affected since you live in a humid area, then you need to brace yourself for what’s to come. You will be able to see dust float through the air courtesy of the sun rays streaming through your window.

  • Fewer buyers

Summertime is the time to let loose and just chill, so it’s during this period of the year that people go on family breaks, take sabbaticals – you name them! Schools will close, and that means all the kids will be home trying to catch up on what they missed. Parents bank on this opportunity to bond as a family with their children, and thus take them to Disney World, cottages, or the Grand Canyon. Without a doubt, few individuals will be around looking to buy.

  • Sellers flock the market during this time

In the world of business, the demand and supply should always be in equilibrium for any regular market. The demand is brought about by the presence of buyers who are able and willing to buy a commodity while the supply comes with the sellers who are willing to sell at a given price considering all other factors in the market are held constant. For some reason, many sellers prefer selling during summer, so this makes it even harder for you to find a buyer. Many houses will be on the market to choose from already and frankly speaking, selling your home for the intended price is also almost impossible due to the stiff competition among sellers.


To sum it all up, selling in summer is such a terrible idea. We can go on and go and continue giving you reasons, but at the end of the day, the cons outweigh the pros.

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