Sell My Home With Tenants In Houston Texas

Trying to sell my home with tenants still living there? Does the situation make you feel uncomfortable? Quite frankly, it should. However, in real estate, there’s no room for emotions. You have to look at the project as a business entity that’s separate from the owner. Plus, it’s not like you’re the first landlord to be in that situation in Houston, Texas.
Selling my home with tenants is a bold move seeing as it’s not just you who’ll be affected by the decisions you make. But the good news is, if you handle the matter delicately or properly, they won’t even feel the effect of the transition. And that’s a good thing seeing as all parties involved will experience a win.

Tips on how to sell my home with tenants in Houston Texas

Find a direct Houston cash buyer

Before you even think about exploring other options, explore this one. You’ll want to make the whole process easier for everyone, and that’s how we comes into play. We will not just help you sell fast. We will also make sure that you don’t violate your lease agreement with any tenant.

We can’t really say much about other cash buyers but we know for sure that not all of them will be okay honoring the current lease. And the worst thing that you can do while selling my home with tenants is selling to someone who’s not trustworthy, or treats other people like second class citizens.

We  will even save your resources during the process. You won’t have to ask your tenants to give you space to repair what’s broken before selling because we normally buy Houston homes as is.

Make them feel comfortable during showings

If you have to take the conventional route, try to make it worth their while. For instance, instead of charging them the full rental amount, you can offer a discount for the inconvenience. Remember, a forceful eviction is a lengthy legal process and finding a buyer when the tenant is not on your side will be an uphill task.

A disgruntled tenant can sabotage a sale in more than one way. They can decide to always make sure the house is in a mess anytime you show up with a potential buyer and there’s not much you can do about it. More and more potential offers will go to the next-door neighbor who has also listed their Houston house, and before you know it, the property will have fallen down the search page.

Wait until the lease is up

You know you don’t have to list the property right away if you’ve realized that the tenant has little time left on the lease. In that relatively short time, invest your time and money on the improvements. Once the lease is up, you should tell them of your intentions to sell. If they are cool with having a new property owner, you can extend their lease and go ahead to list the property.

We want to buy your home with the tenants. So if you’re interested in a deal, kindly call us today.

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