Sell Houston House In Probate

Fortunately today we won’t bore you by going into the nitty-gritty’s of the process. This piece is all about whether or not to sell Houston house in probate.

When a homeowner dies, his or her property can be reassigned to a next of keen who happens to be called a beneficiary. This process of reassigning the property is known as probate. There’s no certainty in life and that’s why it’s usually a good idea to have a will or a Testate that would state who’s supposed to assume ownership of your Houston house once you pass away.

If you don’t leave a will behind, the courts will have to convene and this is not good because one, the process can be costly and two, your heirs might not be pleased with the judgment. Plus, why would you be okay with an institution dictating who you should leave your Houston property to? Anyway, the court of law has the power to reassign the house and probate is what we call this extensive or thorough process.

To cut a long story short, the answer is ‘Yes.’ It’s not impossible to sell a Houston house in probate as long as you follow a procedure. As a real estate cash investor, you have to make sure you follow these steps if you’re planning to buy a Houston home in probate. The same rules apply to sellers.

The steps involved:

Property appraisal

In Houston we have so many independent and certified property appraisers who can help you figure out the value of your home. You can start by asking your real estate agent for referrals or you can simply use the local phone book. We buy homes on probate that have already gone through property appraisal.

Get the petition

When a property is still in a probate period, you can’t just decide to list it without getting probation from the court. You have to fill up the petition form and make sure you remember to provide all the necessary details related to the property sale. Also, don’t forget to mention the methods of sale. An independent appraiser has to be present to help you with some of the required details before you get the courts approval.

Placing my Houston house on the market

Because it’s on probate, you have to inform buyers that the property is available after you get confirmation from the court. We will only deal with sellers who have the court’s petition.

Seek the court for confirmation

Court hearings usually take place between 20 to 40 days. Before the hearing date, remember to take 10 percent of the selling price from your buyer. A court confirmation is necessary because it confirms the sale of the Houston property that’s on probate.

Advertise in local newspapers

The public have to be informed about the probate property on sale. This gives other people an opportunity to make a bid. That way, you not only get to sell, but you do so at a great price.

Attend the hearing

This will be the venue where all kinds of buyers come together to outbid each other. We will be among the buyers. After the bid gets confirmed, the cashier’s check goes to the court. You have to make a deposit of the original price after the contract confirmation.

In case you want reputable cash investors to be present at the court,call us today, or send us a message.

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