Sell Houston Home To A Cash Investor Over A Typical Home Buyer

We have different articles out there that talk about the pros of selling to a Houston cash investor over a traditional home buyer. You probably know what we’re talking about considering you’ve gone through some of these articles. And since you’re here interested to know more about who to sell to, you must be contemplating about how to sell Houston home. If you’re still conflicted and trying to weigh all your options, take a minute to check out this post to learn all you need to know before choosing who to sell to.

The minute you think about selling you’ll realize you don’t have one option. Typically, most people usually work with agents who help them list the property hoping to find a buyer. Some people might opt to go solo seeing as they’ve been around the block for quite some time. The last option is to talk to a real estate investor looking to invest in Houston homes for cash.

Pros of selling to a cash home buyer over a traditional buyer

  • Speed

How fast I sell my Houston house depends on how quickly I find a buyer. We all know that an agent is no buyer. That means you’ll have to wait before selling and this can take weeks or months. It’s not even a guarantee that you’ll get someone who’s interested in what you’re selling. During this period you’ll have to pay the taxes and utility bills because legally, you’re still the owner of that premise. But if you sell to a cash investor, in a week or two, they will get that property off your hands. How fast you close the deal, in this case, depends on the investor you’re selling to.

  • No Repairs

There’s no chance in hell that a house that has had occupants for years will be in pristine shape. The concept of wear and tear kind of applies here. And that’s okay because it happens. So if you have decided to sell to a traditional home buyer, you have to fix the house and clean it up. The repair expense and other miscellaneous costs will have to come out of your pockets. Fortunately, a cash investor won’t ask you to clean or fix anything. They usually buy Texas homes in their as-is condition. In the process, you’ll end up saving not only money but also time.

  • No uncertainties

It’s probably the most significant issue of them all because the only thing left to do after pitching to a traditional home buyer is to hope they’ll be willing or ready to pay your asking rate. My Houston house can go stale on the real estate market because finding a buyer with the offer you want is not easy. That’s yet another why you need to consider selling to a cash investor. We will right away tell you what we’re willing to pay for the home. It’s a no-obligation offer, so you have time to think about what’s best for you moving forward.

Call us if you need more help deciding whether to sell to a traditional buyer or a cash investor.

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