Secrets To Selling My Houston Home For Top Dollar

When I fast thought about selling my Houston home in Texas I not only wished to sell fast, but also wanted to get top dollar after closing the deal. This blog will let you in on the things I did to sell fast my Houston home in Texas.

If your ultimate goal is to get top dollar for the sale you need to prepare the property. The tips I’m about to give you are only useful to those who wish to get the full retail value. So if you feel like whatever I’m about to give you is too much to handle, you can take the other route that involves selling to a cash investor like us. Selling to a real estate investment company will give you an opportunity to sell in an instance, and get a fair all-cash offer. Frankly, you’ll end up saving a lot of time and money in the process.

Tips that will help you sell at top dollar:

Thoroughly clean the property

Cleaning is paramount. Even a vacant house needs cleaning! Any vacant space can gather dust as time goes by. You need to clean every inch of that house because prospective homebuyers only get impressed with gleaming perfection. Hire a professional cleaner to help you out.

It’s really not a good idea to put a house on the market before moving. Talk to a close friend who’ll be okay with you living at his or her place while you show buyers the property. Any potential buyer who walks through that door has to find the place immaculately clean. This will make it easier for them to imagine owning the house.

Opt for a cohesive and neutral style

I’m not telling you to add a white coat of paint onto the existing one. In fact, you should try painting all the walls with subtle colors which will help you change the perception. For instance, if you have a dark kitchen you can use a soft yellow paint to brighten up the area. A green or deep blue paint can have a calming effect in the bedrooms. Just don’t use a lot of dark colors everywhere because for some reason they usually make large spaces seem smaller.

Upgrade or replace anything broken

Right now it obviously beats logic to spend a few dollars on a dishwasher that will be replaced by the next guy who pulls it out. You should know that chances are a prospective homebuyer will go for a home inspection, and use the report to negotiate down the price. You’ll pay more for the neglected maintenance that you keep on trying to hide. Also, do you really want to be found guilty of fraud?

Get expert opinions

Get reputable real estate broker to help you with the pricing. Take them through your marketing plans and ask them what they think. A great broker is able to give you the insight you so desperately seek.

Get a cash offer

Sell to us at a fair price. We buy Houston homes as-is, and won’t ask you to pay the closing cost. Of course, the buying price might be lower than the market rate, but if you calculate the amount you get to save not working on repairs or paying for various administrative cost you’ll realize it’s a one-in-a-lifetime offer.

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