Signs It’s Time To Relocate In Houston

When I first thought about selling my Houston house, I was kind of hesitant. Later on I realized that this was a normal reaction because no one really wants to put their home on the market. There’s always that attachment you’ll have to it. Selling a house that used to be your home is like selling the memories you have. But you should also know that moving on is part of life. So if you still find yourself seated on the fence, these are some of the signs it’s time to relocate in Houston.

Signs it might be time to sell and relocate in Houston:

You suddenly find yourself craving for more space

It’s inevitable that with time your family size will grow. When you first moved in, there were only two people. Today, you have to share the house with your kids. Or maybe you still don’t have kids, but over the years you’ve purchased a lot of household items. The bottom line is, if you feel cramped up, take it as a sign you need to get a bigger place.

The nest seems big

Okay so the kids have grown up into adults and gone to college. What’s next? What are you going to do with the empty rooms in the house? Of course, you can’t turn every room into an office. Downsizing might be an option here. By moving to a smaller house you won’t have to spend more time on maintenance or more money paying the utility bills. You’ll even have to pay less property tax.

The neighborhoods demographic has changed

Previously, residents were middle-aged and old people but with the construction of a new college in the area young people have invaded the neighborhood. It’s okay if this new change doesn’t bother you but if it does, you might want to start thinking about getting a new place. Increased crime rates, traffic noise, and rigid HOAs are all reasons why you need to relocate to a location you’ll love.

Change in weather

People do thrive under different conditions. Human beings are practically different in so many ways. We are different genetically, physically, intellectually, you name them! If the heat and humidity is making you sick you should think about moving elsewhere. Don’t waste yourself by living in a climate not suite for you. Relocate now and live where you get to enjoy the weather all year round.

Capital Gains

Property values have sky rocked over the past couple of years. Homeowners are now selling not because they are tired of the location or house, but because they want to collect tax-free capital gains. Provided you’ve lived in a house for at least one year, you can sell it and earn more money than you can imagine. And if the property is jointly-owned, this amount gets to double. Say you were meant to collect 250,000 dollars in tax-free capital gains, you’ll now have 500,000 dollars.

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