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If you need to sell your house, selling to a cash buyer is always an option irrespective of your circumstances. However, this method of selling houses is more suitable for those people who need to sell their houses, rather than those who just want to sell. Cash buyers usually offer to buy your house quickly, and they can sell it within seven days.

How it Works

The cash buyers are well conversant with your neighborhood and the prices of different houses. They will examine your house, note all the defects, calculate the amount it will cost them to fix those items and the market cost of the refurbished house. The cash buyers will also explain how they calculate the profit they need on their investment after which they will give you an offer for your house. Most often, for a straight forward quick sale, the cash buyers will offer you around 65%-85% of the market value. The cash buyers will undertake the valuation or nominate an appraiser to do it for them.

The offer made by a cash buyer may seem relatively low. However, most often the houses are sold on by them, either through an auction or the open market, and they will still sell it at a discount to the market value, to achieve a quick sale. Also, the buying, selling, and financial costs may be considerable. This is because of the uncertainty of the property market causing the buyers to build a safety room due to the prices falling between when they buy and sell.

Reasons Why You Would Want Cash For Your House

Financial Reasons

A financial difficulty is one of the common reasons for deciding to sell your house quickly. In case you have too much debt, and you are facing a possible foreclosure or bankruptcy, you can resolve the situation by selling your house fast. This will also help you in saving your credit rating.


Once your children are grown and gone, your house might become too big for you and your partner. You may decide that you want something smaller and sell your house. The cash buyers will pay cash for your house, and you can be on your way to a smaller house in a short time.

Death Of A Loved One

In situations where families live in different states or countries, it is difficult to take care of a family house from a different location, and traveling may also be very expensive. In this case, you may choose to sell your house to a cash buyer after the death of your loved one.


It is extremely stressful to go through a divorce. Once both of you have settled on how to divide your property, you would want to sell your house quickly so that you can move on with your lives.

You should only consider a quick sale to a cash buyer when the benefits of the quick sale outweigh the drawbacks of selling below the market value. If you need or want to sell your house to a cash buyer, contact a cash buyer in Houston and they will help you out and about any situation. There are no fees, commissions or upfront costs. The cash buyers will only tell you the truth about your house, and how they can help you sell it quickly to resolve your situation.

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