Alternative To Listing My Houston House

No one would really love listing my Houston house just to see their Houston home just sit on the market waiting for interested buyers after months of listing. It can be frustrating and drive anyone nuts especially if the goal is to sell home fast cash and relocate as soon as possible. Now we all know how cutthroat this business can be but we always hope for the best going in. If you approach any seller currently trying to sell in Texas they’ll tell you, you should consider yourself extremely lucky if you are able to list a home and close within three months. Imagine someone who sells after three whole months is considered lucky!

This process is not an easy ABC process. No matter how well you prepare yourself you’ll eventually feel overwhelmed at some point. That’s a given a fact! So the questions you should be asking yourself are, ‘What am I to do if I feel like this listing process won’t work for me? And more importantly, do we have other alternatives?’

I’m going to cut straight to the point. The short answer is yes! We do have alternatives solutions and quite frankly, they can be way better that listing a Houston home in Texas.

It’s common to come across Houston homes that haven’t been sold for years still sitting on the real estate market. The reality is not all properties listed on the MLS get a buyer. Therefore, if you choose to go down that road make sure you have a lot of time in your hands and deep pockets because you can lose a lot.

The good news is we have housing investment companies such as ours that are always ready to help. All you have to do is to pick up your phone and start dialing. Below are some of the things you can do to get rid of your unwanted property in Houston fast.

Go for a direct sale

So you can sell fast for cash to a property investment company in Houston in case you didn’t know. What? Did you think they were scammers? Well, not every one of them is out to fleece you. These are reputable businesses that are in the community to make improvements. They’ll buy my Houston house fast for cash, make the necessary repairs and put it back on the market at a higher price. And by the way, there’s a kicker here! You don’t have to clean it of make an upgrade before selling. We will buy Houston home as-is. How cool is that?

Sell on your own

They’ve said numerous times that if you want to be done right do them on your own, right? You won’t have to pay anyone any commission. Okay let me just clarify that. You won’t have to pay any commission fee if the buyer you’re selling to isn’t buying through an agent. So if they are, you still have to pay this cost at the closing table.

Rent it out

You know if you think the market won’t favor you now you can simply rent out the house and wait for an opportune time to sell. At least you’ll still be earning money, right? There’s no point of seeing the house go stale on the market or sell at a loss.

Are you interested in knowing more about these alternative solutions? We are your go-to guys. Call us today!

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