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They say selling my house quickly in Houston, Texas, is probably going to be your largest financial transaction, and they’re right. So it’s crucial you receive the best guidance from not only a reputable, but also experienced real estate agent.

But is working with a realtor even necessary? We Buy Fast Houston Houses will today be telling you why we think you might not need an agent after all.

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An agent is there to represent all your needs, right? Therefore, you have to be their first priority. Through their words and actions, you’ll be able to tell whether they’re ready and willing to build a lifetime relationship or not.

So if you sense the agent doesn’t really listen to what you’re saying or is always looking for a reason to do what they think is right, that’s already a red flag. Why let them represent you if they want to represent themselves.

And the same applies if they look shady. Always trying to break this rule or that rule just to close a deal fast.


Another reason why so many sellers and homebuyers are so keen when conducting agent interviews is technology. Yes, you can still rely on the old methods of selling or even buying my house fast in Houston, Texas, but technology has made a lot of things easier and faster.

You want your agent to be tech-savvy and understand that the world is changing. So if they tell you that they’re not even part of an online network, keep looking. They’re not the person you’re looking for.


Have you realized people are asking about things that you never shared with anyone except your real estate agent? Well, that’s because your agent doesn’t know how to keep conversations professional or how to respect your privacy.

And this is why you need to take a note of how your agent applicants talk about their peers or past clients. If they’re sharing with you more than you asked for, they won’t have a problem sharing with someone else your private issues.

Open houses

One question that you need to ask during the interview is, “How are you planning to market my Houston, Texas home?” If the answer is “… through an open house” and nothing else, that agent is either inept or inexperienced.

On the other hand, if holding an open house is not something that they would consider, that’s another red flag that you shouldn’t ignore.


We’re made to believe that there’s no selling fast without real estate agent but We Buy Fast Houston Houses is today telling you that it’s possible. How do we know? We know because buying and selling homes quickly in Texas what we do for a living.

You can sell my home using the FSBO method, or through a cash buyer. If you take the latter route, you’ll not have to pay the commission, make repairs, or even worry about your closing costs.

We Buy Fast Houston houses want to help you sell. So, call us.

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