The Nature Of The Home Selling Process In Houston, Texas

Quick question: Have you ever heard of We Buy Fast Houston Houses? We’re a property investment company based in Texas, and we have a wealth of experience in real estate. We just thought we should start this article by introducing ourselves, so that you can believe us when we say, selling is not a smooth process—It never is and it never was.

The Selling Process

Do you know what we find to be funny? How people always assume selling is all about advertising there’s a house that’s available, and waiting for offers. But it’s not. You first have to make certain that the property you’re interested in selling is market ready. And the only way to know for sure, is to employ the services of a home inspector.

A home inspector will do what they do best, and then give you a report. Now, in this report, you’ll find a list of items that have to be repairs before the house hits the market. If that list is ridiculously long, selling using the conventional should be a no-no. don’t even try reaching out to a real estate agent because the moment you do, they’ll try to conceive you to make those repairs.

They keep telling you how they managed to sold a house at a profit even though the previous owner invested a fortune on it. Just so you know, all of those things that they’ll be telling you are lies. Nobody can recoup every cent invested in a property even if you’re the best of the best in the industry.

Cash investment

They just won’t tell you No, because that would mean you’ll have to opt for a different selling method. Like for example, one that includes working with a cash investor like We Buy Fast Houston Houses.

Can You Sell My Home As-Is?

Yes, you can. And we know this because we’ve been buying home as-is in Houston, Texas, ever since we started our business. Can a real estate agent help you sell the same house as-is? They probably won’t be on board with that plan. Selling a property the way it is without repairs or cleaning is difficult for someone like a real estate agent since most buyers prefer buying turn-key homes that are in pristine condition.

Can You Trust A Cash Investor?

Yes, and no. Yes, because we actually do have a lot of cash investors who are genuinely interested in helping you sell fast, and no, because there are cons out there masquerading a cash investors. So you’ll have to do your homework before reaching out to one.

What Are Some Of The Other Benefits Of Selling To A Cash Investor?

Well, other that the fact that you’ll be able to close the deal in a matter of days, you’ll also be able to avoid all selling costs. We’re talking about the real estate commission, closing costs, inspection costs, appraisal charges, you name them.

If by any chance you’re still not so sure what’s best for you, just reach out to us. We Buy Fast Houston Houses doesn’t charge any consultation fee.

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