Downsizing As A Senior Citizen In Houston, Texas

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Owning a small house in Houston, Texas has its advantages, especially if you’re a senior citizen in this country. At the moment, you might not find the idea of owning a small property quite appealing, but that’s only because you’ve not gotten to your golden years. Just think about it. Are you sure you’ll be able to maintain and clean all those square inches of space fast enough, when even getting out of bed will be an issue?

Today We Buy Fast Houston Houses will be addressing some of the things that we feel you ought to know as a senior, should you decide to downsize.


Downsizing is great. It really is. However, if you decide to take the traditional route, you’ll live to hate the experience. And just so we’re clear, the “traditional route” in this case refers to selling my home fast through a real estate agent.

Agents are not scammers. But their method of selling is and has never been cost-effective. For starters, they’ll ask you to make repairs and even update a couple of appliances before listing. When it’s time to list, they’ll again ask you to pay a small fee because no property is listed in the Multiple Listing Service for free. You’ll do all that and still be required to help with the marketing aspect of the process. And after finding a buyer, there’s a commission to be paid, by none other than YOU.

For the record, the commission accounts for about six percent of the final sale price. Six percent sounds like a small percentage but if you put it into perspective, you’ll realize that you’ll be losing a lot of money.

Clean Out

Cleaning out my Houston, Texas house as a senior citizen is not only physically draining, but emotional as well. and this is especially true for the guys who’ve spent the better part of the years calling the same place their primary place of residence.

You’ll most likely feel the urge to sell because you’ll be tired of the cost of maintenance. Now just image the time and effort that you’ll have to put into it before looking for a buyer. First off, you won’t be able to do all that work with the help of a professional. Secondly, that professional’s service might not come cheap. And lastly, some of your personal items could go missing.

Costly Repairs

Anyone who’s ever sold my house fast before, knows the appraisal and inspection process are both integral parts of a typical home selling process. And passing an inspection is no walk in the park.  You’ll have to heavily invest in repairs first.

Regarding the appraisal process, it might not that important to you, but it actually is to the buyer. They know they won’t be able to secure mortgage, if the house is valued below the asking price.

So What’s The Easiest Way Of Going About It?

The answer is pretty simple. Just pick up your phone and dial We Buy Fast Houston Houses. a property investment company that won’t ask you to make repairs, clean out the house, pay commission, or get a property inspection report.

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