How To Sell My House After a Winter Storm

We all know that natural disasters are unpredictable, one day, you are walking your dog in the park, and the next day all the streets are closed due to hurricanes, floods, storms, etc. We can’t guess the day and time this kind of event will happen, but we can plan ahead to face unfortunate situations.

Selling your house after a natural disaster can be hard due to the damages it may have suffered, but not impossible. Let’s explore the different ways to sell a damaged house after one specific current event: the Texas winter storm.

Texas Winter Storm and House Damage

Weather conditions in Texas have generated severe damage in houses around the state. Some of the most common issues caused by this catastrophe are structural and roof damage from heavy snow and exterior pipes and siding damage. Also, high winds often cause shingles to break loose, so avoid getting on the roof until you’re sure it’s safe.

According to CNN, Texans are starting to recover from the unprecedented devastation that the brutal winter storms unleashed over the past seven days. However, house damage has led citizens to spend too much money on reparation costs, and homeowners are struggling to sell their homes with the damage. 

Can I Sell My House After a Winter Storm?

Selling a damaged house is not easy, but is it possible? It can be very frustrating wanting to sell a property fast and not being able to due to its conditions, but there are solutions. Let’s explore some ways to sell a damaged house.

Spend Some Time on Home Maintenance

First of all, structural damage is a factor that cannot be ignored. Every Texan is aware of the state’s situation, so don’t worry if the maintenance is basic. Do your best and use the help of a professional, friends, or relatives if necessary. Keep in mind that presentation is critical, so little details like wall discoloring should be immediately taken care of.

Show Buyers How it Looks in Other Seasons

Your home has a lot to offer, so show it off! Having a photo album or digital slideshow is a good idea to showcase to potential buyers how the house looks at other times of the year. Give them the opportunity to visualize and appreciate the potential of your home. Emphasize patios and gardens since they tend to light up the view and distracts them from the current scenario.

Clean Deeply 

The first impression is the most important. When potential buyers show interest in your property, don’t forget to clean even the smallest places. Some spots we normally overlook include the cabinet beneath your sink, showerheads, ceiling fan blades, and the inside of your dishwasher and washing machine. Also, remember the nooks in the kitchen. 

Consider Painting 

Giving your home a fresher look is never a bad idea. It’s normal for walls to get stained or deteriorated when disasters occur. A fresh painting layer will make your house stand out from the rest and catch buyers’ attention.

Sell Your House To a Home Buyer 

These other options do work, but there’s nothing better and more effective than selling your house to a home buyer. This is the best option for fast results. There’s no need to repair, clean, or paint your property: home buyers do all the work for you.

Real estate agents may work depending on the agent, but keep in mind that selling your house through them doesn’t always assure immediate results. Home buyers are ready to buy your house within 24 hours, all-cash, and with a fair offer. However, not all home buyer companies have the same policies. 

The Best Home Buyers For Quick Results

Selling your house can be a quick and straightforward process with Lynk Home Buyers. We have helped thousands of homeowners to get out of tough situations with no fees, no hassle, and full transparency. Our professional team has been built with the same goal in mind: give you fast results and a high-quality experience. 

Stop worrying about your property conditions; we buy your house no matter the damage. You just need to complete our three-step application process, and you will receive a fair, all-cash offer in 48 hours. Then you decide if it’s a fit or not. Lynk Home Buyers is your best option for fair and fast results. Contact us today and receive a free offer. 


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