House Maintenance To Do Before Selling

We live in a crazy busy world where people looking for a new house get more excited when they find one ready to move into immediately than one requiring repairs. Not everybody is a fan of remodeling or interior design. It’s also not very pleasant to move into a place where the pipes or electricity don’t work, and you have to take care of that on your own. 

Doing some maintenance before selling your house is a key factor to show potential buyers that your property has the right conditions to be sold. Maybe you don’t even have to touch the interiors, but it looks like it needs a bit of attention when you go outside. Let’s explore some reasons why house maintenance is imperative to achieve a successful sale. 

Why Is House Maintenance So Important?

First of all, whether the competition for home sales is high or low in your area, it’s always important to cause a good impression on potential buyers. Even if they don’t buy the house, they will probably recommend it to others. This will make you have more presence in the market and catch people’s attention from out of your neighborhood. 

5 Repairs to Freshen Up Your Home Before Selling

Selling a house in “as-is” condition when it needs some repairing is risky. If you really don’t want to lose home buyers when they pass by your property, here are the most important 5 home repairs to do before selling. 

Fresh Paint Is Your Best Friend

If you want to light up your home inside and out, fresh paint is the solution. Neutral or light colors are a perfect option to use, especially if you want rooms to look bigger. White is the most recommended color to catch the attention of as many buyers as possible. However, if you decide to use colors like red, keep in mind that you may not appeal to many people. 

Remember to hide any signs of wear and stains and fill nail holes with putty, smoothing them down before painting over them. Fresh paint will make your house look newer and attractive to home buyers’ eyes. 

Plumbing Repairs 

Have you ever gone to a house on sale and checked if taps actually worked? This is one of the first things buyers inspect, and it normally influences their judgment very quickly. Kitchens and bathrooms generally have the biggest impact on a buying decision, so these should be fixed with high priority. 

Some common plumbing issues include leaking faucets, dripping toilets, water stains, and mold. These are not very hard to fix if you have the right tools. In addition, working on some interior design, like removing old shower curtains, cleaning mirrors, or replacing any missing tile, would be extra helpful once everything runs properly. 

Electrical Repairs

Nowadays, electricity is life; therefore, electrical flaws represent a huge problem for buyers. Fortunately, it’s not hard to fix basic electrical issues such as blown light bulbs, faulty power outlets, and damaged wirings. Don’t forget to turn on every light during the visit of a potential buyer. Having well-lit rooms indoors will build a trust bond and create a warmer environment. 

Interior Design

You don’t need to be an Interior Designer to add a special touch to each room. Start by replacing all the most unattractive elements in every room, such as broken windows, rusty knobs, or damaged fly screens. Consider decorating the room according to the painting you chose for it. Neutral colors are more recommended. 

You may want to get creative and start changing the position for each table, bed, chair, even sofa. It’s ok to use your imagination, but keep in mind that most home buyers are looking for something simple because they’re already planning to decorate it by themselves.  


The experience of buyers when they get to the patio should be beautiful and relaxing. This is the place where they’ll spend most of their spare time after all. Focus on green areas, make them look bright and clean by mowing the lawn regularly. Make sure that bushes and trees are neat and well-trimmed. Remove all dead plants and add some new, colorful ones.

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